Hearing Readiness and Conservation

 Operational Hearing Services (OHS)

Last Updated: August 02, 2018

Maintaining normal hearing ability is a critical concern for Soldiers, since effective communication depends on normal hearing. This is especially true in operational environments where both hazardous and nuisance noise is prevalent. A Soldier with normal hearing, exposed to the explosion from an IED, for example, could instantly lose enough hearing to immediately become combat ineffective.


Operational Hearing Services is one of the four components of the Army Hearing Program:

Readiness, Operational, Clinical, Hearing Conservation

Health Hazard Assessment

Health Hazard Assessment (HHA) is the process used within the Army to identify, assess, and eliminate or control health hazards associated with the life cycle management of materiel items such as weapon systems, munitions, equipment, clothing, training devices, and other materiel systems.  The HHA program addresses the potential effects of materiel systems health hazards, such as noise, on the personnel who test, produce, use, maintain, repair, or support the systems.  Through application of biomedical knowledge and principles, HHA directly supports Army officials engaged in developing, manufacturing, operating, maintaining, demilitarizing, and disposing of materiel systems.  The HHA is systems engineering from a health or medical perspective. Click here to learn more above the HHA program at APHC.



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Army Institute of Public Health (AIPH), Environmental Health Engineering, Operational Noise Program (ONP)

Environmental Protection Agency: National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)External Link

Before- and After- Noise Control Treatment Risk Assessment at an Indoor Multi-lane Tactical Firing Range (Technical Information Paper)

TG 338: Criteria and Procedures for Health Hazard Assessment of Impulse Noise (Blast Over Pressure)

TG 044: Procedures for Recording and Handling Noise Complaints (e-catalog)

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