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Army Hearing Technician Certification Courses

Last Updated: March 07, 2018
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​The following is a list of upcoming Army Hearing Technician Certification Courses for DoD military personnel or DoD civilians who have Hearing Program duties assigned, specifically use of the Defense Occupational and Environmental Readiness System-Hearing Conservation (DOEHRS-HC) as a part of their work responsibilities. Courses are typically 3 1/2 to 4 days in length and will prepare the student for their role as Occupational Hearing Conservationists.  Please contact the Course Sponsor for additional information about a specific course.

LocationStateStart DateEnd DatePhone NumberComments
​Fort Bliss​TX​12 March 2018​16 March 2018​915-742-1363
​SHAPE Belgium​AE​12 March 2018​16 March 2018​314-590-2444
​Hofenfels​AE​19 March 2018​23 March 2018314-590-2444
APGMD3 April 20186 April 2018410-436-3797FULL
APGMD9 April 201812 April 2018410-436-3797FULL
​Fort Riley​KS​16 April 2018​19 April 2018​785-239-7882
JB Lewis-McChordWA24 April 201827 April 2018253-968-4348
​Fort Carson​CO​24 April 2018​27 April 2018​719-526-4095
​Fort Gordon​GA​14 May 2018​18 May 2018​706-787-0071
APGMD5 June 20188 June 2018410-436-3797Register
APGMD11 June 201814 June 2018410-436-3797Register
Fort Sam HoustonTX24 July 201827 July 2018210-808-5291
JB Lewis McChordWA21 August 201824 August 2018253-968-4348
APGMD11 September 201814 September 2018410-436-3797Register
APGMD17 September 201820 September 2018410-436-3797Register