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 Army Hearing Technician Certification Courses

Last Updated: September 28, 2022
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The following is a list of upcoming Hearing Technician Certification Courses sponsored by the Army Hearing Program at the Army Public Health Center. These courses are for military or civilian personnel assigned to Hearing Program responsibilities including the use of the Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System-Hearing Conservation (DOEHRS-HC).

Please note: USAPHC courses follow a distributed learning model using a 3-phase format:

 - Phase 1 (classroom instruction) - This portion of the class is completed through on-line synchronous distance learning. 

- Phase 2 (hands-on practicum) - This portion of the course consists of an on-site hands-on practicum under the direct supervision of a qualified practicum instructor (CAOHC Course Director, audiologist who has completed practicum instructor training, or a qualified technician under the direct supervision of a qualified CAOHC Course Director).  Students practice skills in preparing audiometric equipment, conducting hearing testing, utilizing the DOEHRS-HC system, counseling patients, fitting hearing protection, and providing hearing health education. Students re-certifying may spend less time in the hands-on portion if they can fully demonstrate competency in the required tasks to their practicum instructor.

- Phase 3 (written exam) - The written standardized exam is completed following successful completion of the Phase 2 practicum. The exam must be proctored by the on-site practicum instructor/audiologist and students may choose to complete either the DoD exam or CAOHC standardized exam. A passing score is 70% or greater.

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Upcoming Phase 1 Course Dates:


​APHC Distance Learning

​14 NOV 2022
​17 NOV 2022
​1200 - 1600 EST 

​APHC Distance Learning​

​9 JAN 2023
​12 JAN 2023
​0800 - 1200 EST
​APHC Distance Learning

​13 MAR 2023
​16 MAR 2023
​1200 - 1600 EST
​APHC Distance Learning

​15 MAY 2023
​18 MAY 2023
​0800 - 1200 EST
​APHC Distance Learning

​17 JUL 2023
​20 JUL 2023
​1200 - 1600 EST
​USAPHC Distance Learning

​11 SEP 2023
​14 SEP 2023 
​0800 - 1200 EST