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Last Updated: August 02, 2018

‚ÄčIndustrial Hygiene Program management is monitored by using various metrics, all of which are extracted from the DOEHRS-IH database.

Why do we have metrics? where do they come from? what are they? How can the IH Program office address/improve their metrics (create updated PowerPoint/document/ link to training? References?

where to find the metrics?


Add Marcie's spreadsheet or Powerpoint converted to pdf. 

Add the PowerPoint that shows where the metrics are in the flow.


Industrial hygiene metrics are extracted from DOEHRS-IH data and feed two separate Army metrics systems:


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Public Health Management System
    1. Established as the MEDCOM public health web-enabled portal for public health program evaluation and performance improvement.
    2. PHMS Dashboard enables leadership at all levels to view data in order to make improvements. 
    3. PHMS Metrics are briefed up to the Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG) and MEDCOM Chief of Staff
    4. IH staff can access the PHMS on any Army system.
    5. IH metrics are extracted from DOEHRS-IH and uploaded monthly to PHMS
 Army Installation Status Report
    1. Is required by AR 210-14.
    2. Allows the Garrison Commander to view all operations within the installation. (check ISR description.
    3. IH-related metrics are extracted from DOEHRS-IH and top loaded to the ISR quarterly.
    4. IH metrics are part of the Preventive Medicine Services
    5. This is only for ISR metrics calculation External LinkClick here to see metric calculation examples .
Strategic Management System
    1. This web-based software tool is the Army Enterprise Program of Record for Performance Management.
    2. All IH metrics for Army IH Program offices are tracked and displayed in SMS.
    3. The Army Public Health Center manages the IH metrics in SMS and ensures data is updated monthly.


IH Metrics Measurement Locations in the DoD IH Exposure Assessment Process