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Last Updated: May 19, 2022
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The U.S. Army Public Health Center Occupational Medicine Program is the premier Occupational Medicine and Occupational Health Nursing strategic level consultancy to the Total Army. Our mission is to promote quality improvement of Occupational Health programs to sustain the health and readiness of Soldiers and civilian workers through monitoring, advising, educating and developing policy.



To be the preeminent Department of Defense consultancy and proponency for military Occupational Medicine and Occupational Health Nursing.

“The Occupational Health of the Force is essential to readiness and mission capability”​

What is The Army Occupational Health Program?

The Army Occupational Health Program consists of programs and services aimed at preventing or reducing work-related adverse health outcomes. Occupational health applies the disciplines of medicine, biology, epidemiology, engineering, economics, education, politics, and the law to protect workers from hazards in the workplace. These programs and services are necessary to anticipate, identify, assess, communicate, and control occupational illness and injury threats. These threats may occur in various worksites such as research laboratories, weapons depots, satellite communication control rooms, or hospitals. Occupational health services are tailored to the hazards that are anticipated or identified.

Army Occupational Medicine History

60D AOC Information and Residency

​Occupational Medicine vs Occupational Health

Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers​

The U.S. Army Public Health Center (APHC)

The APHC is a field operating activity under the MEDCOM Deputy Chief of Staff, Public Health established to provide health promotion and preventive medicine leadership and services. The APHC provides technical support to the Army Public Health Enterprise.

APHC Occupational Medicine Program Contact Page

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The APHC Occupational Medicine Program

The Occupational Medicine Program serves as a resource for Army occupational health program management and clinical services and provides service support to the MEDCOM Deputy Commanding General for Operations, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Health, the OTSG/MEDCOM Public Health Directorate, and the MEDCOM Regional Health Commands.