Surety Medicine

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​Surety medicine focuses on protecting the health of the personnel who deal with nuclear, biological or chemical materials, and on medical requirements compliance to help ensure the security of the materials.

January 2018 Surety Medicine Teleconference

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 will bring the first Surety Medicine Teleconference of the New Year, at 1 pm (1300 hrs) Eastern Time. The topic for January is "Cognitive Impairment and the Personnel Reliability Program." The presenter will be a board certified physician specialist in both Occupational & Environmental Medicine and Neurology, with extensive experience in military Occupational Health Program management and training.

To request additional information, email the Army Public Health Center Surety Medicine Division at:



17 JAN 2018Screening for Dementia and Cognitive Impairments:  PRP Suitability & Reliability
21 FEB 2018Ergonomics and the Personnel Reliability Program
21 MAR 2018Updates in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Nerve & Vesicant Agent Exposures
18 APR 2018 Hearing Conservation and Audiometric Testing in Surety Programs 
16 MAY 2018 HIV:  CD4 Counts, Antiretroviral Drugs, and Impaired Immune Functions in PRP
27 JUN 2018 Diagnosis, Evaluation and Screening of Laboratory-Acquired Alpha Virus Infections
18 JUL 2018 Screening Diabetics for Reliability and Suitability in the PRP
15 AUG 2018 Case Studies in Personnel Reliability Program Surety Management
26 SEP 2018 Animal Worker Occupational Health Issues in the PRP


Autoinjector Shelf Life Extension Program:  UPDATED JULY 5, 2017


Many expiration date extensions for autoinjector medications expire in 2017!  Check any auto-injector medication stores you have.  Select the link below for additional information from the FDA.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting health care professionals and emergency responders that specific lots of DuoDote combined nerve agent antidote auto-injectors have been approved for shelf life extensions beyond labeled expiration dates, some are now extended to 2022.  Complete FDA information related to the auto-injector shelf life extension program can be found at: .External Link  

Information on this page also includes the latest updates (6/26/2017) on shelf life extensions for the AtroPen (atropine), CANA (diazepam), morphine sulfate, and pralidoxime chloride auto-injectors.