Vision Conservation and Readiness 

The Tri-Service Vision Conservation and Readiness Division exists to optimize visual performance, promote ocular health and reduce the rate of ocular injuries through education and training to ensure the nation has a visually ready force.  Active duty members of the Army, Navy and Air Force staff this program along with a select group of federal civilian employees who are highly skilled experts in vision conservation, readiness, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, preventive medicine, policy, regulations and protective materials designed for eye protection.  "Preserve the Sight to Fight!"


Eye Protection

Information regarding vision conservation and readiness, eye protection, and MCEP.

TSVCR Division History

A historical timeline of the Tri-Service Vision Conservation and Readiness Division.

Vision Conservation and Readiness Policy and Doctrine

DoD and individual service policy related to Vision Conservation and Readiness

Vision Fact Sheets

This is a list of links to Just the Facts Sheets and other fact sheets on vision-related topics such as vision conservation, eye protection, and use/characteristics of various optical materials and devices.

Vision Readiness Products

Link to information products, cards, posters and other vision readiness support materials

Visual Performance Optimization

Articles and studies that support optimum worker performance based on visual input.


Local TSVCR Support

Contact us link for local TSVCR team members to seek support, request guidance and ask questions.

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