Welcome to our site! 
Welcome to the Army Public Health Center website!  We’ve worked hard to make sure that you can easily find information. We have improved the search function and have added new features to help you find information quickly. Check the Help page for an overview of the site functions.

To browse the website more effectively, you should know that the site is divided into two parts: 

·  the Organizational part, which you can access by clicking on the Organization button on the global navigation bar  (just below the banner).  Here you’ll find APHC directorates and programs along with their contact information.

·  the Topics and Services part.  From the home page, you can browse for information on a particular topic by looking through the table of Topics and Services and clicking on a category title.  Or, from anywhere on the site, you can click on the Topics & Services button on the global navigation bar to see information arranged by subject.

If you have any questions regarding information you need, you are encouraged to contact the program responsible or to let us know by contacting us.  We also welcome any comments – we only ask that you be constructive with your suggestions – so that we can continue to improve the site and meet your needs.